GNU screen for TiVo

I have built GNU screen for the Tivo. screen is a utility to allow multiple terminal sessions on a single port. It is particularly useful on the Tivo console port as, in addition to allowing multiple sessions, those sessions have full job control, etc.

Please see the documentation for more information on the screen program.

Tivo Installation

Get my screen package and unzip it. This contains the sources as well as the executable and required libraries

Copy the following files to the Tivo:

You will also need the terminfo package installed. You must define the TERMINFO environment variable to point to it.

You can then invoke screen from the bash prompt. If you want to replace the console bash prompt with a screen session you can add the following lines to your rc.sysinint:

export TERMINFO=/var/hack/terminfo
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/var/hack/lib
/var/hack/bin/screen < /dev/ttyS3 >& /dev/ttyS3 &

Tivo port

This build is based on the V3.9.8 release of GNU screen.

The configure script will not run because of the cross-compiler environment. However, I have created a config.tivo script which seems to work. Executing this script recreates the makefile and the config.h.

I only had to make one small code change: window.c needs to not try to change ownership of the pty device as the root filesystem is read-only. This is conditional on a new config.h parameter PTYRO. There is a patch file in screen.diff.



Initial Tivo port.

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