Internet Tablet Experimental Repository

I have created some repositories for experimental builds of software packages for the Nokia Internet Tablet Maemo environment. These repositories may contain completely unpredictable contents and I strongly recommend no one adds them to their sources list! I may record packages that are not purely transient on this page for reference but do not take that as a recommendation to install them.

The repositories are available as:

The main packages included in this repository are:

Complete package listings are available for mistral, gregale, bora or chinook. For any questions about the repositories please contact me on: g+770 AT


The latest released versions of GPE are in either the extras or extras-devel repositories.

Note that if you want to track GPE development, please do not use any packages you find here. There are (untested) GPE packages based on the GPE SVN in my daily build repository.

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Graham Cobb