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Sarah and Graham Cobb

Work Related

Movements Sheet (PHP)


SSL VPN Access
Oracle Expenses
Peoplesoft Time Reporting
Outlook Mail
IM Web Access
Password reset

Sharepoint sites

My Site
SDS Marketing
SDS Mktg Document Creation Tracking
SDS Mktg Workflow Tasks
SDS Marketing Budget
Sales & Marketing Portal
ProdMgmt E/// Synergy sharepoint
Corporate Market Intelligence
Events & Trade Shows
SDS Portal
SDS Sales Targetting
SDS Growth Initiatives
SDS Product Development
CvAS Product
RTC Product
GS Marketing sharepoint
BEA GTM Team sharepoint
BEA Joint Messaging sub-site
Telcordia Interactive Presentations
Solutions Marketing
Weekly Accomplishments Report
Wireless Initiatives
Telcordia Sharepoint Home Page
Telecommerce (advertising etc) project
Master List of Conferences
SDS USer Group

Audio Conferencing Portal
Ericsson Onboarding
RCS Portal
ISCP Homepage
Telcordia Sales
ITC IR/SR Customer Interface
Research & Information Services - Intellect
Per Diem Policy
Per Diem FAQ
Foreign Per Diem Rates
Telcordia Employee Directory
SAIC Employee Link
Outlook Migration
Wireless LAN Info
SAIC Stock Tools
Granite Time Reporting
Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access


Ericsson Open Wiki - egracob
Time Reporting
Ericsson Hotel Directory
Telcordia IT Transition

3GSM Accommodation
Few links to GPRS world:
SINet Welcome
BT Carrier Services Interconnect - Main Page
Welcome to the NICC/NNT Taskgroup area
Welcome to KPN Xchange
AePONA Online
TheFeature: Mobile Internet
International Regulators
Mobile Intelligent Network
Budde research
Unstrung - The world wide source for analysis of the global wireless economy
Home - 3rd Party Access Project
GSMA OneAPI Reference Implementation - powered by Aepona
GSMA Wireless Intelligence
SAMENA Telecommunications Council
Analysys Mason : Strategy advice, operations support and market intelligence
Analysys Mason delivers strategy advice, operations support, and market intelligence worldwide to leading commercial and public sector organisations in telecoms, IT, and media.
ICIN EDAS review system

Investment & Money

Halifax online
American Express UK: Cardmember homepage
Login to your American Express Cardmember account, apply for additional cards, check rewards and manage online.
PayPal lets you send money to anyone with email. PayPal is free for consumers, and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and current account. You can settle debts, borrow cash, divide bills or split expenses with friends, all without going to an ATM or looking for your chequebook.
Barclays Stockbrokers (was Schwab Europe)
Schwab US
Ericsson Shares
Leidos (former SAIC) shares
New SAIC shares
Scottish Widows (Ericsson Pension)
Scottish Widows - Life Assurance, Pensions, Bank products and Credit Card. Information on the company history, products, recruitment and news releases
National Savings (NS&I)
Kent Reliance (krbs)
krbs - providing savings and investments and mortgages across the UK. Local branches in Kent and the South of England
Inland Revenue
Inland Revenue BillPay:Pay online by Debit Card
The Motley Fool UK -- to educate, amuse, and enrich
Charles Schwab/NewsAlert - Portfolio
Reuters - Charles Schwab Investor Lite
Interactive Investor International UK
Individual Investor
The Street (US)
The Street (UK)
ZDII Inter@ctive Investor
Egg Investment News
FT MarketWatch
UK Mortgages - Paragon Mortgages

News and Weather

BBC News
BBC Weather
Google News U.K.
BBC Weather - Chipping Norton
Hourly weather for Chipping Norton with a 5 to 10 day forecast, giving a look further ahead.
BBC Weather - London
Hourly weather for London with a 5 to 10 day forecast, giving a look further ahead.


Rights and liberties

FIPR home
Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)
Ross Anderson's Home Page
Heinlein and Mark Twain on Copyright (17-Sep-2001) - DVD for every OS
Consensus at Lawyerpoint
Your Right To Know
European Civil Liberties Network >»
The Open Rights Group
no2id Oxford
NoDPI - No Deep Packet Inspection
NoDPI is a grass roots campaign of internet users opposed to the use of Deep Packet Inspection equipment by Internet Service Providers.
Tech Tools for Activism | Tech Tools for Activism: tools to help reclaim the future
The Guardian Project: Secure Mobile Apps and Open-Source Code for a Better Tomorrow
Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore, and Tempora - PRISM Break
Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore, and Tempora. Stop governments from spying on you by encrypting your communications and ending your reliance on proprietary services.
Tactical Technology Collective | Turning information into action
EPIC - EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) focuses public attention on emerging civil liberties, privacy, First Amendment issues and works to promote the Public Voice in decisions concerning the future of the Internet.


Access and Account Information for
VMS Shell Accounts
DeathRow OpenVMS Cluster
Phil's OpenVMS Page
OPCOM's VMS Hobbyist Zone
$@Home for OpenVMS Hobbyist Program
The Computer History Simulation Project
VAX/VMS on Linux using SIMH
Ethan's Retrocomputing Corner - DEC TK50 SCSI issues
OpenVMS Hobbyist Media Order Form - The OS with uptimes longer than MS Windows support policies
Hunter Goatley's VMS Freeware FILESERV
DECnet for Linux
Linux/VAX Porting Project
The Cynics Corner
Satirical World and UK news from
Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
interMute - Block web ads, animations, cookies, and more
Crypto-Gram Newsletter
SETI@Home account
Old SETI@Home account
Old SETI@Home Progress (obsolete)
PrimeNet Stats
Copyleft: Geek Chic!
ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource
SecurityPortal - TopNews
Usenet News Archive
ExtremeTech - Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals
Quigley's Tech Tips & Opinion
DShield. - Distributed Intrusion Detection System
Place satellite dish using sun or moon
The Hamster Theory of RSX
Distributed Proofreaders
Google Press Center: Zeitgeist
dodgeit - free. receive-only. email. no set up. rss.
Orange Partner programme
Bloglines | My Feeds
UK Government: ITsafe
Internet Archive
Fun With Words
Esoteric Topics in Computer Programming
Museum of Retro Technology
My Blog
My Blog (old)
Techdirt Corporate Intelligence: Techdirt Wireless
Telepocalypse by Martin Geddes
CoffeeGeek - United Kingdom
The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham – America's Only Humor & Video Site Since 1958
A funny website filled with funny videos, funny pics, articles and a whole bunch of other funny stuff., celebrating 50 years of humor and blowing other so called funny websites out of the water.
Alerts -
Google Latitude
Kiva - Login
Make a loan to an entrepreneur across the globe for as little as $25. Kiva is the world's first online lending platform connecting online lenders to entrepreneurs across the globe.
AASFSHNR MFI list - Google Drive
Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP)
Throwaway Email - 10 Minute Mail
Temporary disposable e-mail service to beat spam. Avoid spam with a free secure e-mail address.
Throwaway Email - SpamDecoy
Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects.
GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!
GeoGuessr is a geography game which takes you on a journey around the world and challenges your ability to recognize your surroundings.



Microsoft Scripting Technologies
DynAPI Documentation Center - FrequentlyAskedQuestions
VBScript in Outlook/Exchange Development
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
JavaScript Language Resources
KevLinDev - Tutorials - JavaScript
JavaScript reference - JavaScript | MDN
Global statements:


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP Manual (XL)
PHP Manual ( - The Resource For PHP Developers
PHP: php and mysql examples and resources from


Perl programming documentation -


The Java Tutorial
API documents for Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v1.3 : Welcome to


RexExtras (including developer docs)
Di's Technical REX site
Nijweide's Rex6000 SDK documentation
Z80 Instruction Set Reference
DataSlim2 Software Development Kit
Z80 Documentation -
Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page
z88dk - Z88 Development Kit


WML Tag Reference
WMLScript Reference
WML Tag Reference
WAP Tutorial
DevGuru WML index
WAP Home -


Tcl/Tk Manual Pages
Tcl Commands Manual
Tk Commands Manual
webdav - webdav
Getting started with Starkits and Tclkit



mud-builder docs
garage: mud-builder: Project Info - Graham Cobb - user list
libhildondesktop Reference Manual - SDK Releases: Maemo 5 Examples
Maemo 5 Developer Guide
Hildon Reference Manual - Software/dbus
Libosso: Main Page
PulseAudio Sprints - wiki Bugzilla - Package interface Cross-Reference

MSDN Library
Systems Internals
MSDN Online
Forum Nokia Main Page
CVS Manual - Open Source Community for WAP, WML, J2ME, Midlets, OTA Provisioning, etc.
Google Code Search
GLib Reference Manual
GObject Reference Manual
GTK+ - API Documentation
GPE Documentation



Ohloh, the open source network
Ohloh is an open source directory that anyone can edit. It features comprehensive metrics and analysis on thousands of open source projects.
The Python Language Reference — Python v2.7 documentation


Jolla -
Mer Bugzilla



Black SAMBA Configuration
Vranx SAMBA Configuration
Vranx CUPS Configuration
Local CUPS Configuration
POPFile Configuration
ADSL Gateway Configuration
SRouter Configuration
Administer miniserver
Tivo Access Point
Phone Coop ADSL Modem
Garage Access Point
Netgear Stora NAS
Wireless-N router


User Interface
To Do
Info Page

Password Generator
Switch broadband back to main ADSL
Switch broadband to backup ADSL
ADSL Traffic Graphs (main ADSL)
Personal Wiki

Web tools

Inforss: releases
GreaseMonkeyUserScripts - An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki
HTML Editor
Web Development Bookmarklets
Dive Into Greasemonkey

AWS Management Console
Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform 'in the cloud'. These pay-as-you-use cloud computing services include Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon SQS, Amazon FPS, and others.
Bandwidth Speed Test Results
Zpart - Saving partitions as files
Ranish Partition Manager
Mgetty + Sendfax Documentation Centre
Fetchmail Home Page
Dnsmasq - a DNS forwarder for NAT firewalls.
Microsoft® Clip Gallery Live
Bynari Home of Insight Project Info - POPFile - Automatic Email Classification
POPFile - Homepage
Steve Kinzler - Unix Scripts
Outlook-QuoteFix - Home
Microsoft Outlook Issues
SKYRiX - SKYRIX Software AG - Home
dvd::rip - A full featured DVD Ripper GUI for Linux, written in Perl
Stunnel at Arda.Homeunix.Net
Certificate Management and Generation with OpenSSL
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
PlugApps (for Pogoplug) Wiki - Applications
TalkTalk Service Status
See the status of TalkTalk services.


REDHAT.COM -- Serving the Linux and Open Source Communities
Slashdot:Ask Slashdot: Linux and Telephony
Linux Documentation Project pages on Redhat
The Linux Emporium - Home page
LinuxUK - Bringing Linux home.
The Linux Game Tome
Linux Firewall and Security Site | get funky with the penguin
The Kernel Cousin Project
Apache 1.3 documentation
/usr/doc on XL
GNU Bayonne - Telephony Server of the GNU Project - SourceForge - bayonne-devel
Bayonne User Manual
Index of /pub/linux/kernel/v2.4
Kernel Traffic #159 For 25 Mar
Timo's Rescue Cd Set - Ver. 0.9
GRUB Manual - Table of Contents
Linux Backup using Rsync
The Linux Documentation Project Works
Wireless Tools for Linux
CD-ROM Knoppix-3.2-MiB-11b Privacy Edition
WiFi Authentication: NoCatAuth
KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD
Knoppix Forums
FAQ for isdn4linux
DAR - Disk ARchive Unofficial APT repositories
Multimedia Projects
FAQ for isdn4linux
shunt v1.5


DAR - Disk ARchive
W3F browse specific area list
DAR differential backup mini-howto
Linux Pages Home

Photo processing (command line tools)
KDE 3.2 - A User's Perspective - Screenshot Gallery
DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux
Debian Reference
Debian Planet - News for Debian. Stuff that *really* matters.
The Sync4j Project
The Debian GNU/Linux AMD64 HOW-TO
DeskTux – AMD64
Debain on AMD 64
Debian Mailing Lists -- Search
1.0-7174 for x86-64/em64t and x86 updates - nV News Forums
Debian GNU/Linux device driver check page
Kernel debugging

Toys, Gadgets & Games


TiVo Community Forum - powered by vBulletin
Hinsdale How-to TiVo upgrade
Applications and Hacks and Tigers, Oh My! - TiVo Community Forum
TiVo Updating Over Dedicated Internet HOWTO
Hacking the TiVo
Western Digital Jumper Setting Information - The New Home of PowerPC Linux
TiVo Airnet Diary
TPOP - Tivo POP3 Client
TivoWeb - TCL v1.9.4 beta 4 - TiVo Community Forum
YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program
Tivo Control Station Public Beta P5 - TiVo Community Forum
New software: One Per Week - TiVo Community Forum
YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program (for TiVo!) - TiVo Community Forum
All About jpegwriter
Developers forum
DealDatabase Forum - Deals, Freebies, TiVo Hacking, HP Digital Entertainment Center - Category: TiVo General & Hacking & Home Entertainment
Steve's TiVo Page
LJ's TiVo page
Tivo Web Project
sanderton’s TiVo Hacks Page
UKHA Tivo Upgrade How To
Start mfs_ftp transfers from the TiVo interface
AltOrgPhpWiki - TiVoWeb Modules
TiVo AirNet - Software Installation
Tim's TiVo Software
The Kitsch Camp Palace - The Home of Stephen on the web - Making a Swedish TiVo - Part 1
The Kitsch Camp Palace - The Home of Stephen on the web, How to hack a Tivo to work in Sweden with Canal Digital. Part 1 covers gathering the EPG data. • View forum - UKTivo Alternative EPG


REX 6000 Help Page
Z80 Documentation -

WAPDrive - home of free WAP tools, site hosting and news


Welcome to Rio Digital Audio
MP3 - Your Digital Music Source (TM) MP3 hardware gear, portable players and digital music downloads | BE NAKED.


Libretto Information Centre
adorable toshiba libretto - The latest information and links on the Toshiba Libretto


OpenWRT Documentation file [coder at valenciawireless dot com]
Void Main's Linksys WRT54G Revival Tip
OpenWRT Forum
Package Tracker
OpenWRT :: View topic - HOWTO: WDS / Wireless bridge
ASUS WL-500g custom firmware page
OpenWrt Buildroot - Usage and documentation
Index of /whiterussian

Cisco 770

Cisco 700 Series Router Command Reference (4.4) [Cisco 700 Series ISDN Access Routers] - Cisco Systems
Whirlpool Forums - Thread: Summary of 765 experience
Cisco 760/770 Series Software - Cisco Systems




Pocket GPS World
Pocket GPS World Forums-Navman iCN 5xx
GPS Sat Nav: Garmin,TomTom,Navman,Magellan Satellite Navigation in Car
POI Downloads for Navman GPS

Nokia 770!»
FrontPage - Maemo Wiki
Internet Tablet Talk - »
Nokia 770 :: Nokia 770, news, reviews, links and opinions
Maemo SDK Tutorial
HowToSyncGPE770withLinux - Maemo Wiki
GPE: The GPE Palmtop Environment
GpeProject - GoWiki
GPE Bugzilla
Autobuilder results
Gpe-list Info Page
Gpe-list Info Page
Packages to promote from "Extras-Devel for Diablo" to "Extras for Diablo" - Community Projects: Getting Started

MY-GSM.COM - Welcome to the GSM 1900 Store
Yahoo Mobile Phones C-Pen, Thumbdrive, Backup software and Mind Mapping resellers
Welcome to ONdigital Information
ZDNetUK News: Nuggets Cataclysm
Deltica SMS
Gameloft - J2ME Javaphone mobile games, Brew phone games, Palm & Pocket PC games.
ITC Transmitter Information
Broadband League
Broadband campaign 4 Shipton-under-Wychwood
Digital Spy: Terrestrial
Freeview Set Top Box - No red dot ever. Interested? - TiVo Community
Digital TV Group | Retailers and Installers "Satisfaction Is Standard" Custom computers, Repairs and Upgrades
Desktop Tower Defense
A flash version of Warcraft III TD
Custom built Linux based computing made simple:
Quality, stylish and efficient computing solutions: Ubuntu Linux PC, Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, Mythtv, Servers, Printers, Webcams
Harmony remote: Infrared codes
OpenStora - Hardware Hackers Unite
Spy Battle


Latest Jolla Sailfish News
My Jolla Blog: Play Store for Jolla
reddit: the front page of the internet
My Orders
Questions -
Jolla2gether. Community driven question and answer forum



eBay UK My eBay Items I'm Bidding On for grahamcobb
My eBay Favourites: My Favourite Searches


Fictionwise eBooks: My Bookshelf
Fictionwise: Excellence in eBooks; Fictionwise is the world's leading independent eBook retailer. Thousands of eBooks by best selling authors are online to download for Palm PDAs, PocketPCs, PCs, and Macs. Both unencrypted and encrypted online eBooks can be downloaded in popular formats. Award winning eBook novels, short stories, and nonfiction. - Latest Titles
Smashwords - Ebooks from independent authors and publishers
Weightless Books
(e)Books that don't weigh you down: the first site to go to for instantly-delivered, DRM-free ebooks and e-subscriptions from independent presses.
epubBooks: Free EPUB eBooks
Download free high quality epub eBooks for use on your iPad, Sony Reader, iPhone, Kobo, Nook, BeBook, Desktop Computer and other eBook Readers.
PhoenixPick - Great Science Fiction & Fantasy at Great Prices
WebScription Ebooks
Baen's eBook marketplace. eBooks with no DRM in every major format--for the Kindle, iPad, Nook, and more.
Buy Tor ebooks « Tor Books
Baen Ebooks
Baen's eBook marketplace. eBooks with no DRM in every major format--for the Kindle, iPad, Nook, and more.
Singularity&Co - Save the SCIFI
Singularity&Co. rescues out of print vintage scifi books from the musty bookshelf of oblivion and makes them available online and as ebooks
Singularity - Save the SciFi - Rescued Books
Singularity&Co. rescues out of print vintage scifi books from the musty bookshelf of oblivion and makes them available online and as ebooks
Mythic Island Press
DRM-free ebooks


the fresh food co - fresh organic foods at home
The Spice Shop
Seasoned Pioneers Ltd. - Spices, Chillies, Spice Blends
The Best of French Cheeses
The Cheese Society
Fletchers of Auchtermuchty -- Venison
The Chocolate Society
Cucina Direct
SimplyOrganic - The Organic Supermarket
Abel & Cole: Organic Home Delivery
Organic Shop


Sculpture from The McHardy Sculpture Company
Femme-Oiseau no 2. 'Woman-Bird no 2'. by Joàn Miró, 1893-1983
Waddington Galleries
The Halcyon Gallery, International Fine Art Retailer
Untitled Document
Google Directory - Arts > Visual Arts > Galleries > Europe > United Kingdom > England
British Art, British Artist and Modern British Paintings - Red Rag Art Gallery


British Garden Sculptures, Art and British Paintings - Red Rag Art Gallery GARDEN
British Garden sculptures, and art gallery for modern British paintings and contemporary British art by leading contemporary British artist - Red Rag British Art Gallery.
Shaft of Light Garden Sculpture
With smart modern planters, contemporary water features, and striking garden sculptures, IOTA brings you the best in contemporary garden style.
John Brown - Exhibitions of Sculpture
The Garden Gallery - sculpture, pots, glass and furniture for gardens
The Garden Gallery exhibits sculpture, pots, mosaics and furniture for gardens and conservatories, by contemporary artists, both well-established, and those who are embarking on their careers.
Johannes von Stumm - Sculptor
Johannes von Stumm is a sculptor who uses bronze, glass, stone and steel to create sculptures full of light and darkness. Keeping a delicate and fragile balance all these contrasting materials form a unity in each one his sculptures.
My Portfolio - Christopher Townsend - Oxfordshire Artist and Sculptor
Portfolio of work by Christopher Townsend, an Oxfordshire based artist and sculptor producing original art and sculpture commissions for clients around the world. News
Frederic Chevarin - Sculpture
Andrew Thompson Sculptor - Steel
Sculpture in stone - Private Commissions - Functional furniture -Paintings
on form | sculpture: the showcase for contemporary sculpture in stone exhibited in the gardens at Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire.
on form : the showcase for contemporary sculpture in stone exhibited in the gardens at Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire. - Home
Expansys 'We know mobile' - for everything bluetooth
The Talking Book Shop
AudioFile, the Magazine for People Who Love Audiobooks
Map Marketing: Mapping the World for Business and Pleasure
Reed's Nautical Books
Beken of Cowes - Marine Photographer
Wine Society
Laithwaites (Bordeaux Direct)
Berry Bros and Rudd - Wine Shop - gadgets and gifts.
Squires of Farnham
Save The Children online store
Lakeland Limited
Cucina Direct - For People Who Love To Cook
Scott & Sargeant Cookshop
Presents Direct
Ocean - Style for the Modern Home
Discover the world of Modern Originals !
Vantage House (Sweet making)
Beers of Europe
BeerRitz Shopping
EURO-BEER Limited (UK): Suppliers of Belgian, German, British and World Beers
EBUYER - CPU's, Memory, Monitors, Printers, Storage, Networking, Software + more
RS Components
Chipping Norton Organics
PayPal - Login
Original Gift Company website»
Museum Selection
Presents for Men - gadgets for men, gifts for men, accessories for men.
LoveFilm (was easyCinema)
WaitroseDeliver : Homepage
Welcome to WaitroseDeliver - the internet grocery service that buys you time.
Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery Service -
Home Shopping for less from Find our full range of groceries for delivery online, as well as thousands of affordable non-food products from Tesco Direct. Clubcard points on all purchases, and UK wide delivery. Every Little Helps.
BLT Direct: Light Bulbs
We specialise in supplying lamps, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Our stocks include Osram, GE, Sylvania, Omicron, Pro lite, Crompton, Ushio and Philips light bulbs.
Has Bean Coffee
Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans from Has Bean Coffee
Skylark Organics
Alibris UK: Second-hand books, Rare & Out-of-Print Books, Textbooks
Search through over 100 million new & second-hand books as well as out-of-print, rare books & second-hand textbooks from 12,000 bookstores online with cheap shipping.
Marks & Spencer
Official site. Shop online at Marks & Spencer for clothing, furniture and homeware, flowers, gifts, wine and much more.
Battery Force. Selling brand name batteries online at cheap discounted prices. Duracell Energizer Ansmann Panasonic Uniross Camcorder Camera Phone Watch Charger Tester Batteries
Buy replacement batteries from all your favourite brands - at cheap low prices with great online discounts from Battery Force. Satisfaction guaranteed!
All-green: Compostable bags for food waste recycling are suppliers of everything Green and Environmentally Friendly, including compostable bags, kitchen caddy liners and pet products.
Majestic Wine - Come and explore wine and Champagne with free mainland UK delivery
Come and explore with Majestic Wine, the UK's leading mixed case wine specialist.
Magimix Spares
Authorised suppliers of Magimix spare parts, Magimix kitchen equipment and kitchen accessories
John Lewis
Shop for Sofas, Beds, TVs, iPads & Fashion online. Free Delivery on orders over £50.


Old BoB
Currency Converter for 164 Currencies
Currency Converter for 164 currency pairs and currency cheat sheet for travelers. Includes option to set rate depending upon conversion method used.
Safe Travel
Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Travel Advice
RAC Motoring Services - Route Planner
Kizoom Personal Travel Service
National Rail Timetable
European Rail Timetable
Home | Transport for London
Map for Castle Bank - Local Weather - Chipping Norton, United Kingdom (OX7)
Yahoo! Weather
Public WiFi Location Search
Galileo® ViewTrip
BA Express Parking
PriorityPass for Mobile
Priority Pass Lounge List


Domaine du Haul -- Catteville

British Airways Executive Club
Marriott Rewards
bmi: diamond club
The Airwise Airport Guide
Wychwood Project Home Page
Shipton Under Wychwood Website
Visited Countries
Transport Direct - Britain's free online journey planner - Chipping Norton, UNITED KINGDOM - Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts
Extended weather forecasts from View a 15 day weather forecast for , .
B A A airports official parking: B A A Advance
Phil's villa
OAG Flight Tools
Find all the places you can fly direct, connection times, and other Flight Tools
B A A airports official parking: B A A Advance
BAA WorldPoints
Twitney is a broadcast quality video website serving the community of West Oxfordshire. High quality short films about local events, charities and people, what's on, places to go, walks and eating out. Twitney gets under the skin of one of the loveliest parts of England.
Alumni Travel Programme - Cambridge University Alumni Relations Office Travel - CARO
Alumni Travel Programme from Cambridge University Alumni Relations Office

Music & Events

Charlbury Riverside Festival
Truck Festival
Welcome to the Truck website for all things pertaining to fun festivals, talented artists & spirited people.
The Cornbury Music Festival - Home
Budvar Cheltenham Jazz Festival | Cheltenham Festivals
Marlborough Jazz Festival
MP3 music download website, eMusic
MP3 music download site. 25 Free MP3 songs with Free trial. Download and buy legal music online. Quality audio for all MP3 players | download music and video
7digital have a vast catalogue with the very latest in legal music and video downloads from artists such as The Killers, Scissor Sisters, Razorlight, Gorillaz, Lily Allen. High quality downloads in 192kbps and multi format MP3, ACC,WMA suitable for your iPod,Creative,PSP
Oxford Music Net
the very independent Shifty Disco
Nightshift Online
XFM Live
Events Noticeboard: University of Oxford Music Events
Tickets Oxford


Telltale Weekly
SFFAudio - Hugo Awards
Project Gutenberg - The Radio Gutenberg Subproject

Internet Radio

Shoutcast (Alternative)
Radio Wazee
Radio Wazee xmms playlist
Radio Wazee windows media
BBC Radio 6
BBC Radio 6 windows media
MPEG Radio (Britpop)
MPEG Radio Britpop xmms playlist

Oxjam Music Festival – Oxfam GB
Oxjam is Oxfam’s month-long music festival. Every October hundreds of events happen across the UK, all organised by volunteers who are passionate about their local music scene, all raising money to fight poverty around the world.

Home Pages & ISPs

Sarah and Graham Cobb
Local Photos Web Page (Windows)
Local Photos Web Page (Linux)
BT OpenZone Login
BT Openzone Subscriber Services
Bytemark forums
Oxfordshire Rural Broadband
Oxfordshire Rural Broadband Forum
gradwell dot com UK : email hosting, domain name management & more
Vodafone MyAccount
Orange Account
Centralnic: regsitrar for
Broadband Speed Test
LLU speed tester
BT speed tester
UK Broadband Usergroup :: Serving the broadband community
Amazon Web Services Account
Find, shop for and buy at
AWS Management Console
Graham's blog
Google Mail - GSOC account

Buy To Let


Map of Bratislava
Brief Bratislava Guide
Bratislava Info
Map of Bratislava, SK by MapQuest
Bratislava Guide
Eastern European Properties - Slovakia Investment Property
The Slovak Spectator - Slovakia's English Language Newspaper
Spiller Farmer International Real Estate /// About Us
Real Estate Agencies and Companies in Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
List of Members
Real Estate For Sale in Slovakia - Available Properties - Viviun the Leader in International Property Listings Forum
Advert for flat
Inzercia nehnuteľností. Aktuálna ponuka a dopyt realitných kancelárií a súkromých inzerentov. Široké spektrum aktualít z oblasti kúpy a prenájmu bytových a nebytových priestorov a vývoja slovenskej legislatívy

Foreign property investment
i-PropertyAssets - Worldwide Property Letting, Management & Resales - 27/07/2008
Property letting, management and selling experts in the UK, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria


Times Online - Jobs
Harvey Nash : where the right job looks for you
Welcome! | LinkedIn


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Science Fiction
Armchair Treasure Hunt
1901 Census of England and Wales Online
Government Gateway - Homepage
Charlbury Website
England Rugby Supporters Club
Doctor - The Wychwood Surgery, Oxfordshire, England
Caius CaiRing



Gpe-list Info Page
Nokia_770_software - MyWiki
pbuilder User's Manual
Xsisusb: Mirroring
kernel_map - Downloads: GPE Calendar
A2dp Nokia N810 - - Talk
Is diablo gonna support A2DP?? - Page 11 - - Talk
A2DP works, help me test it? - - Talk
Seamless Software Upgrade v4.2008.36-5 is out! - - Talk - Talk - View Single Post - Seamless Software Upgrade v4.2008.36-5 is out!
Extras repository process definition - wiki
OpenSync: Main Page
[fetchmail]Fetchmail and Envelope To Header as multidrop
Updated GPE Beta - Page 2 - - Talk
Download software - TaxCalc
[ANNOUNCE] Proof of Concept for extrenal screen display (USB VGA) - Page 4 - - Talk
Updated GPE Beta - Page 2 - - Talk
Common Use-Cases for Merging
Copying Changes Between Branches
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Kenwood TTM333 Toaster, Reviews & Price Comparison
Philips HD4687 Temperature Control Kettle, Reviews & Price Comparison
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LCD TV from Richer Sounds
Comet - Basket
Lcd Tv Dvd Freeview - Electronics - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
Prestigio 32"; LCD-TV with built in DVD player and Freeview
Technika 32" HD Ready LCD TV with built-in Freeview & DVD player 32-601 - Tesco.Direct
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Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford - Up and Coming Events
Cotswold Aerials - Television Aerial Installers
Music at Oxford Ticketing - Brainstorm: Sandbox Waiting
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Wychwood Library - Oxfordshire County Council
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Gpe-list Info Page
Anatomy of the Linux networking stack
pbuilder User's Manual
garage: Personal Builder for maemo: Project Info
Internal Error – OpenSync - Application Catalog: Extras Repository
garage: Extras Repository Management: Wiki Project Plugin!
/builder/fremantle/ - Maemo Extras Assistant - Step 5
Xsisusb: Mirroring
GpeMaemoTips - GoWiki - Downloads: Product search: Maemo Application
Interactive map of Linux kernel
Math Games: Deadly Rooms of Death
Caravel Games - DROD
trunk/features/queue – OpenSync
#151 (syncml-obex-client still doesn't work with Nokia S40 6230i) – libsyncml
#1075 (libopensync build does not check for zlib1g-dev) – OpenSync
A2dp Nokia N810 - - Talk
Is diablo gonna support A2DP?? - Page 11 - - Talk
A2DP works, help me test it? - - Talk
HOWTO: Wired Networking using USB host mode and OS 2008 - Internet Tablet Talk
Seamless Software Upgrade v4.2008.36-5 is out! - - Talk - Talk - View Single Post - Seamless Software Upgrade v4.2008.36-5 is out!
iPodVideoEncoding - Community Ubuntu Documentation - sp-error-visualizer
Places to stay : French Showroom : Member Services : The Wine Society
Old and New World Duo, H & H Bancroft Wines
Trac Error – OpenSync
Extras repository process definition - wiki
Index of /docs
[fetchmail]Fetchmail and Envelope To Header as multidrop
The Fetchmail FAQ
Updated GPE Beta - Page 2 - - Talk
Internal Error – OpenSync
#1052 ([PATCH] sink_engine and obj_engine missing some references) – OpenSync
Internal Error – OpenSync
Internal Error – OpenSync
[ANNOUNCE] Proof of Concept for extrenal screen display (USB VGA) - Page 4 - - Talk
Updated GPE Beta - Page 2 - - Talk
Common Use-Cases for Merging
Copying Changes Between Branches
Updated GPE Beta - Page 3 - - Talk
join/developer – OpenSync
emacs-fu: January 2009
#1061 (Error accessing SVN using "-r {date}") – OpenSync
Eclipse Calendar - iCalShare
GSMA OneAPI Reference Implementation - powered by Aepona
WriteToThem - Now select the representative you'd like to contact
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe
Land Registry - Land Registry
BBC on Phorm – FOI Response | No Deep Packet Inspection -
Priscilla Ahn |
Updated GPE Beta - Page 4 - - Talk
Products & Services
Community Council - wiki
Buy a Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset at
msg19281.html - Downloads: GPE Calendar
SMS messages and the PDU format
First octet of the SMS-SUBMIT PDU
The Type-of-Address octet
Message "hellohello" coded into octets - Talk - Search Forums
Documentation/Maemo 5 Developer Guide - wiki
GtkDialog.html - package instance GPE File manager
Updated GPE Beta - Page 4 - - Talk
2010 european gymnastics championships - Google Search timer
Nokia Internet Tablets - MyWiki
Samba Web Administration Tool
N900 tethered as *Bluetooth* client - full solution? - Page 8 - - Talk
possibility other OS that Maemo 5 on N900? - Page 5 - - Talk
Updated GPE Beta - Page 7 - - Talk
'Twas the Night After Redneck Christmas
Updated GPE Beta - Page 7 - - Talk
Index of /6b0e5870c74445e9ae5d5a013e5ceb8c/
Repartition the internal drive - Page 9 - - Talk
A small present/preview from the developer platform team « Maemo DP team blog
Valério Valério’s Blog » Blog Archive » Challenge: 100 apps in Extras before the end of the year

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Users tips, apps and FAQs for the new reader models - MobileRead Forums
Users tips, apps and FAQs for the new reader models - MobileRead Forums
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